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furniture design - about us


Matt Stanwix has been working in design and fabrication for over 20 years. After studying industrial design and engineering he worked for Ron Arad becoming workshop manager helping to create some of his most iconic pieces. In 1993 Matt set up his own independent workshops dedicating himself to furthering his knowledge and expertise in design and production. Integral to his style of working is the open dialogue he establishes with the client to provide optimum clarity and efficiency bringing the potential of each project to realisation.


Key areas of expertise include

- Design engineering
- CAD drawing & prototyping
- Advanced manufacturing methods & techniques
  to industry
- Continual exploration of new technologies in 
  design production
- Sculpting, model making
- Metal fabrication, welding, polishing and casting
- Wide sourcing network of suppliers and processors
- A talented and enthusiastic team of craftsmen